Little Acorn Shop

The “Little Acorn Shoppe” has a variety of items for sale. Many are hand made by the Women’s Auxiliary. Others include souvenirs, collectables, household items, Rada knives, books and DVD’s. Shoppe is open before and after Evening Services, and as posted. Contact June McCauley or Sarah Soard (856) 430-9603.

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Nourishing, encouraging and raising our Youth remain a key 2019 focus.  A vital part of our SSCMA future.  Children of all ages will have an opportunity to grow in faith, nourish friendships and create life-long memories.

Proverbs 22:6 states “…start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”  Our legacy…and our love.

Children of all ages will have an opportunity to grow in faith, develop new friendships and create life-long memories throughout the two weeks of South Seaville Camp Meeting.

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Cape Atlantic District UMC

We continue to grow in faith by partnering with Cape Atlantic District UMC’s and District Superintendent Brian Roberts. The journey continues with “Church Nights” and welcoming Youth Group Retreats in our upgraded Oak Hall. As disciples and servant leaders, may our efforts continue and grow our legacy and our future.

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Children of all ages will have the opportunity to grow in their faith, develop new friendships, and create lifelong memories throughout the two weeks of South Seaville Camp Meeting. Nursery care will be provided during the morning Bible Study Hour and Evening Worship services in Wright Hall. “Kid’s Bible Camp” for children in Grades K-5 will be held in Howe Hall during the morning Bible Study Hour. Children in Grades K-5 are encouraged to worship with their families during the Evening Worship service.

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General Information

Facilities are available for use by groups. To make arrangements, contact June McCauley at 609-624-1372.

Memorial Flowers & Garden Club

Checks and information for memorial flowers in the Tabernacle during Camp Meeting should be mailed to Lora Carr at 203 Manheim Ave, Oaklyn,NJ 08107. For information call 856 854 5182 OR 609 624 0850. If you prefer, there is a mailbox on Skinner Cottage Porch (#2)  for your convenience.

Checks for the Garden Club can be sent to the same address with a notation “For Garden Club”.  Bill Wert is the lead for the Garden Club and can provide information about the beautification of the grounds around the tabernacle. All checks should be made out to South Seaville Camp Meeting. Questions may be directed to Bobbe LeHew (609) 545-7672 or Margie Peiffer (856) 534-3261.


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