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JUNE 30, 2020

Welcome to SSCMA 2020! This year we are providing e-services at camp as summarized in the brochure. We embrace the theme of Grace, both within our camp and with our neighboring communities. We electronically gather as a Christian community to reach out and spread His good Word, appreciate the gifts we have been given, comfort those in need, encourage grace, and serve others.


South Seaville Camp Meeting 2020 calendar of virtual events is now available!
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We are pleased to share with you the calendar of virtual services for this year’s camp meeting, which will take place from July 12 through 25th.  We are offering camp meeting online for the health and safety of our cottagers and guests. Camp meeting begins on Sunday, July 12 with President, Grant Karsner giving the message.  Bible study will be led by Pastor Joy Furda and Laura Hunter during the first week and evening services led by Pastor Kurt Kinney and Pastor Shawn Callendar Hogan during the second week. The Cottagers meeting will be held on July 18th  via Zoom this year. If you are not familiar with how to log-in to view the online services, don’t worry. We will provide details on how to access them prior to camp meeting.


It is our hope that this year’s virtual camp meeting will provide an opportunity for more people to be inspired by the messages presented by our speakers and leaders as we share our theme of Grace both within our camp and outside our community.
NEWS RELEASE: JUNE 21, 2020 The barn, laundry, and tabernacle are open with restrictions. Other common buildings remain closed...see details
Visit Our You Tube Channel The Ministry of South Seaville Camp Meeting continues as we distance ourselves this year. Please
Due to the Coronavirus, we will be conducting eCamp this year and using platforms like Zoom to hold meetings and

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