Living Today

Through foster adoption and biological parenting, together Alaina and I have eight children, ranging from 2nd grade elementary school to a 32-year old. Our oldest child was born in the late 80s and we remember that back then our parents thought MTV was ‘the anti-Christ’ and video games were going to permanently corrupt us. However, over the years we have seen a shift in ‘popular culture’ or ‘peer pressure’: what was once rated R is now PG, computer games have become much more graphic and violent, technology is instantaneous and insidious, and the introduction of social media has opened up a whole new world of cyber bullying and addictions.
So how do we deal with these changes? We have found that positive Biblical encouragement, role modeling, and communication are most important to staying connected with our children and to provide them with the tools they need to cope with modern issues. Living Today is inspired by the lessons we have learned over many years. We have invited talented pastors, speakers and musicians to engage our youth and talk about modern issues through group discussions, activities, prayer and worship.
Our goal is to strive for worship, joy, fellowship, peace, fulfillment, and devotion in the life of youngsters. As parents you can share this special event with your child by joining us for the concert and together listening to the uplifting message by our very inspiring guest speaker. Please check the program for the time; admission to the concert is free for all.
Jai Piek
Youth Revival Coordinator